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Jane Marin is a well known Reiki/ Seichim Master/Teacher, and Intuitive Healer/Life Coach.

She holds Diplomas in Child Psychology, Hatha Yoga Teaching, Bach Flower Essences and Certificates in Past Life Regression, Journal Therapy, Angel Therapy™, Crystal Light Healing Practitioner Level III, and Motivational Kinesiology IV.

Jane is available by appointment at 46 Woods East Road, Alloway,  and on Thursdays at The Purple Door, Normanby Square, Bundaberg.

For appointments and directions, please phone or text 0421674124 or 07 41597355 or send us an email.



Energetic Healing is a safe, non-intrusive method of channeling universal healing energy to assist the body in healing itself, and includes such modalities as Reiki, Motivational Kinesiology, Angel Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Light Healing and more.

Some of the Benefits that Energy Healing
may have for you!

Emotional stress and trauma relief

Alleviation of pain and physical discomfort

Relief of everyday stress and anxiety


Increased vitality and energy

Improved performance and concentration

Clearing of old patterns and limiting beliefs

Recover from relationship problems

Increased motivation and goal achievement

Manifesting and dealing with life changes

Healing of all levels of mind, body and spirit

Personal Growth

Spiritual development

Greater fulfillment and life purpose.

Consultation fee is $65.00

You can Prepay your for your appointment here or pay cash on the day.

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