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The "Me" Book




The "Me" Book

A Journey of Self discovery

by Jane Marin


Author's Introduction

Sometimes it happens. We suddenly realise that we don’t remember who we are, what we are doing in this life, where we are headed and what is our purpose. We’ve lost our way amongst all of the “shoulds and shouldn’ts”, the parental advice, the heavy workloads, the societal expectations, the stresses of parenting or even just the everyday pressures to fit in with our peers. Has this happened to you? It happened to me when I was just a teenager, but like most of us I didn’t notice until I was a 37 year old mother of 2!

Teaching a Behavioural Management course that I had devised with the help of my mother (a teacher and behavioural ‘expert’) for the ADD/AS Support group that I was co-ordinator of, brought this shocking state of affairs to my attention.

The first part of any good behavioural management program is getting to know your child – what makes them tick, what are their likes and dislikes, what do they see as fun, what do they hate to do, what do they want to do when they grow up?

  It suddenly occurred to me that I knew more about my children than I knew about myself.  It became apparent, that I no longer knew what I liked to do for fun, nor indeed could I ever remember doing anything for fun.  I couldn’t remember who I was or what I wanted to do – in fact I couldn’t answer any of those questions about myself. 

It is all very well being told (as I had done with my children) that you can do anything or be anything you want to be if you only believe in yourself - but what if you have absolutely no idea what you want?   Why don’t you know what you want?  Because you don’t know who you are in the first place.  You’ve forgotten. 

I was suddenly terrified.  Nearly 40 years old and for what? Had I really wasted all of that time being miserable?  I had suffered from chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, arthritis, food and chemical intolerances and God knows what else since the age of 18 (probably before that if truth be told).  All of a sudden I needed to know why.  I began to ask myself questions similar to those in my Behavioural Management program, and gradually my ‘memory’ began to return.  One recollection returned quite quickly.  That of a 6 year old child in the UK lying awake at night wondering about the meaning of life and “knowing” that she had to find it and teach it to others.   How sad that under the influences of family and society, she had completely forgotten my mission by the time she was 12!

This recollection, however was all I needed to begin to change my life.
It became apparent that a similar phenomenon occurs with many people.  By the time you become an adult, if your childhood hopes, dreams and talents have not been nurtured and encouraged, then you will forget.  Most people don’t re-awaken enough to search for the truth of who they are, but some of us (more and more of us these days) do. I developed the “Me” classes and now the “Me” Book: A Journey of Self-Discovery,  to help you on your way.

In The “Me” Book: A Journey of Self-Discovery (published by Balboa Press), author and healer Jane Marin provides a creative “toolkit” that takes individuals on a year-long journey to discover and embrace the essence of their being.

Self-discovery begins with a desire to understand more about what makes us tick,  to heal a hurts both past and present, to express ourselves in new ways, to explore our hopes and dreams. Identifying the objects of our desire is important, since our focus has great impact on our attitude and self-awareness, which in turn are directly related to our happiness.

To take readers on their personal journey to a purposeful and joyful life Marin provides 52 worksheets – one per week for a year – that deliver increased self-knowledge, self-confidence and personal empowerment. The worksheets are supported by online resources.



 About The "Me" Book

The "Me" Book began as a series of classes. “Me” Classes started in 2002 as an off-shoot to traditional scrapbooking classes where students could dedicate an album entirely to themselves – something which we noticed almost never happened.These classes developed by Jane Marin, artist, photographer and life coach, evolved into a journey of self discovery and healing with each participant both men and women, taking from each class what they wish, whether it be:-

To record personal history

To experiment with a variety of art forms

To create a journal for personal growth

To initiate a process of healing - or even

To discover their lifes purpose

Classes included a combination of journaling, art therapy and collage to create a wonderfully colourful record of the participants’ life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The “Me” Book (Workbook) – A Journey of Self Discovery, Healing and Transformation - with the help of 52 worksheets, create a journal, history and work of art for yourself and future generations.

The highly inspirational course has now been produced in book form. Within the book are 52 worksheets based on the “Me” Classes. Appendices containing such useful information as The Psychological Associations of Colour and a Thesaurus of Feelings are at the back of the workbook.

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It is time to begin a new adventure. Life is nudging me forward. It is time to take a courageous leap, and begin a new leg of my journey of self-discovery. Each journey begins with the first step. Each and every new leg of that journey must also begin with a "first" step. Along the way I will learn more and more about where I am, where I've been and where I'm going. I will inevitably re visit old haunts because many of them are dear to my heart. I must be prepared to feel at times lost and confused, but I understand that my inner guidance, and higher wisdom are moving me onward on a life-changing yet positive path. It is time to live, love and laugh like never before







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